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Rajeev Sharmaa
April 7, 2022
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Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers
Two Products Of Srj - If you use our plate heat exchangers then you will get cost-effective production & very high levels of product safety. We have plates with a wide selection of patterns & geometries for different applications. You can choose materials for the plates like stainless steel, titanium, and SMO. We supply your choice of plates to you safely. The benefit of our gaskets is you can easily replace glueless Clip-On-gaskets on-site with the plates hanging in the frames. We delivered food-grade gaskets for different applications and temperatures. The units are held together by many hygienic, smart, and labor-saving features. All frames will offer you great flexibility for rebuilding the plate heat exchangers. We have customers in India and out of India too. If you want to read our customers' feedback for us then check out our official website. Srj is best at Phe gasket manufacturers & plate heat exchanger suppliers.
SRJ Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is a Replacement Manufacturer of Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets and Frame Heat Exchangers. We also engineer, clean, expand, thermal rate, and sell plate and frame, heat exchangers. For nearly 15 years we have been selling and stocking heat exchangers and plate heat exchanger gaskets. Contact us for any questions related to gaskets or plate and frame heat exchangers. We never give bad services to our customers. People say our services are the best because we have a lot of experience. Srj company is the leading Phe gasket Manufacturers. We have experience in plate heat exchanger manufacturer & Phe plates manufacturer. We have a lot of experience in manufacturing and supplying products. We never compromise on the quality of products for our customers. We have the best exporters in India. Our prices for products are very low and affordable. You will be happy and satisfied after taking our services.

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